Fairtrade Floyd


Thousands of years ago, Chickeater Joe the Banana-Head, left planet earth to explore the greatness of the universe. On the 21st of December 2012 he finally came back, only to discover the damage human race did to themselves and their planet. Pissed off, Joe searched the globe for musicians, to spread his word of enlightment through the mass manipulating medium of pop music. But then he discovered an awful truth. All the famous musicians also worship the new god of humanity, the socalled „Money“.

Somewhere in the backwoods of Austria, after a long journey around the devastated planet, he finally crossed the path of a young musician who had just formed a Band called „Fairtrade Floyd“. Chickeater Joe liked his music, but most important he liked his attitude. So he gave him an ancient instrument, which nowadays is known as a „Diddley Bow“ and sent him out to save mankind from the mess they are in.